Set Includes:


1x Bar

1x Heart

4x Hand Soaps


*Crystal Shea Butter Soap Base. Vegan.

*Raw unrefined organic shea butter from ghana.

*Lemon Oil.

*Golden Linseed.

*Citrine Crystal Protects against negativey. It is good for prosperity, Intuition & as a Manifesting Stone.

It attracts an abundance and personal power. It stimulates the body's own healing energies, self-esteem,centering & transmutes good feelings.Citrine is a good stone for clearing your aura.

Balances the Yin-Yang energy and aligns the chakras. Citrine has long been called the "Merchants Stone" as a piece of it placed in your purse or near your cash box will help to generate income.

Stimulates mental focus and endurance. Dispels fear. Helps one to "feel sunny" all the time. Encourages smiles and laughter. Helps with problem solving. Dispels anger. Citrine also positively affects business relationships, educational pursuits and personal relationships. A good stone to aid study.

Promotes mental awareness of "the moment" Citrine stimulates the awakening of the mind. It also helps in contact with the higher forces of intelligence.


Citrine Crystal Shea Butter Soap Bar Set


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