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100% Recyclable and Vegan Packaging 

We pride ourselves as a fully vegan company, utilizing recycled packaging while being biodegradable. We never let a piece of paper or cardboard go to waste, we use it. Even down to our ink, its vegan ink.

When you receive one of our products, you will never see plastic or any other harmful products that could potentially end up in the ground. 

From our boxes, tape, cards, ink, right down to our product itself. It's 100% recyclable material and vegan.  

We search for other companies that have the same values as we do, sourcing our materials from them and delivering them right to your doorstep. 

Our goal is to be a fully functioning company that goes all in for eco-friendly services and products. 

You can now sit back and relax, knowing you have joined a community aspiring to be eco-friendly.

Thank You!

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