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Healing Energies

Reiki is a method of working with universal energy that you can use for your own benefit and for the benefit of other people. In its original Japanese form in the 1900s Reiki was very much about working on yourself: it was a system that you could use for self-healing, self-development and spiritual development. But when Reiki was first taught in the West in the 1970s, and since that time, Reiki teaching has focused much more on Reiki as a treatment technique and the system appears to many people to be a sort of or spiritual healing, a hands-on treatment method that involves channelling energy.


“To understand Reiki, you need to get your head around the idea that there is a subtle energy that permeates us and surrounds us, an energy which we can learn to experience and direct, an energy which we can move through our bodies and channel through us into other people. While this may seem to be a strange thing to believe from a Western perspective, it is a central belief in many Asian cultures and underlies many exercise systems, meditation practices and healing or treatment methods.


"When you practise Reiki as a treatment method you are not detecting and diagnosing and intervening. When you treat someone with Reiki you are allowing an unlimited external source of ‘energy’ to flow through you into the client. The energy is drawn through you according to the client’s need on that occasion: you are not directing the energy, you are a conduit through which the energy flows, you are creating a ‘healing space’ that the client can use to bring their own energy system into balance, without conscious and deliberate intervention on your part.”

Reiki Evolution Training Ltd.

Reiki Principles


Just for today...

Do not anger..

Do not worry..

Be humble..

Be honest with your dealings with people..

Be compassionate towards yourself & others.

Eve's Reiki Lineage


Mikao Usui
1865 – 1926

All Reiki practitioners can trace their 'spiritual lineage', following a trail of Reiki teachers back to the originator of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

Mikao Usui


Chujiro Hayashi


Hawayo Takata


Phyllis LeiFurumoto


Florence O'Neal


Jerry Farley


June Woods


Simon Treselyan


Marcus Hayward


Dianne Whittle


Taggart King


Marilyn Harvey



When each batch of soaps and other products are handmade by Eve, Reiki Master and founder of LovEvE., they are individually charged or blessed with Reiki Energy.

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